Full Stack Site Overhaul

Le Pain Quotidien

Online Ordering & Loyalty Platform


Headless Wordpress + React Site


Headless Wordpress + React Site


Web-based AR Application


Wordpress Site Redesign

Pizza Hut

Site Redesign + Email Creation


Wordpress Site Redesign

Other noteworthy companies I've developed for

About Me

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer working out of Austin, Texas.

After getting my B.S in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, I began my journey into the world of Front-End Development. Since then, I have mastered the art of ADA compliant, fully responsive web design using a variety of technologies. I always deliver pixel-perfect, performant sites and I can adapt to any requirement (did someone say IE9+ compatibility?).

Here are a few Front-End technologies I have used recently:

  • React
  • Wordpress
  • SCSS (I ❤️ BEM)
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Typescript
I currently work as a Full Stack Developer at the think tank T3. Since joining T3's development team, I've diversified my skill set by developing both Front-End and Back-End applications. As a Back-End Developer, I've created custom CMSs, complex payment and loyalty platforms, and AWS-backed systems that interact with a variety of third-party services.

Here are some of the Back-End technologies I've worked with recently:
  • Golang
  • Django & Python 3+
  • Redis
  • Express.js
  • AWS Lambda
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL


Austin, TX
United States of America